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California Voters Take Advantage Of Same Day Voting

Statewide election results will be certified by Friday. As the final numbers come in, there's a new number to look for: how many people registered and voted on the same day. This was California’s first general election to allow same day voting.

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Yolanda and Lauro Navarro sit in their dining room. Their Watsonville home is in foreclosure.

Watsonville, CA – If owning a home is the American Dream, then Lauro and Yolanda Navarro have lived the dream three times over. They bought their first home in Watsonville in the 1980s and then the couple inherited a second home. But the dream turned into a nightmare when they leveraged both those homes to build the house they live in today.

They are facing foreclosure because of a series of events: a bank dispute, costly legal battle with their contractor and job loss.

Moss Landing, CA – Since the beginning of June volunteers from the Marine Mammal Center have rescued more than 300 starving California Sea Lions off beaches from San Luis Obispo to Mendocino with most coming from the Monterey Bay Area. A high number considering the center rescued 485 in all of 2008.

Seaside, CA – In the special election aimed at addressing California's budget problems, measures 1A to 1E failed. Measure 1F passed. 1F keeps elected state officials from getting raises when the general fund ends the year with a deficit.

The failure leaves the state with a more than $21-billion deficit. Democratic Assemblyman Bill Monning of Carmel supported all the measures. KAZU's Krista Almanzan spoke with him on Election Night about what's next.

Monterey Bay Area – Monterey County is home to one of the 24 labs in the state that can screen for Swine Flu. Any suspected cases are passed on to the State Lab for confirmation. So far, the lab has tested an estimated 100 samples from locals with flu-like symptoms, and all have come back negative.

Watsonville, CA – Watsonville based Annie Glass makes glass art for the table. The company relies on Styrofoam peanuts for shipping its glass. Hear about their search for an alternative. In this slideshow, you'll first hear from Dustin Macdonald of the Santa Cruz Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and then Violet Lieby Smith of Annie Glass.

In the foreground are two ParaCruz minivans that will be replaced using federal stimulus money. The new vans will be similar to the larger van on the end.\">


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