Erika Mahoney

'Get Hooked' Week Showcases Sustainable, Local Seafood

Restaurant weeks often showcase things like burgers or gourmet fixed-price menus. But in Monterey, the focus isn’t just on tasty food; it’s also on where the food comes from.

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A Magellanic Penguin swims in the new exhibition at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Monterey Bay Area – Three year-old Jeovanni and his nine year-old brother Hugo are constructing a train out of old cardboard boxes in their living room, as their baby brother sleeps. The boys' parents, Jason and Francisca Fuller, watch from the kitchen table, enjoying the relative calm of this Saturday morning. "Basically Francis is a single mom during the week cause I'm working, I'm barely here. I see her on the weekends and maybe one or two evenings in the week. That's how crazy it is," says Jason.

Salinas, CA – The day after Thanksgiving is the StoryCorps National Day of Listening. It's a day to make time to interview someone important to you and preserve their story whether it's with a tape recorder or pen and paper.

Francine Rodd of Marina interviewed her father Cambrel Marshall when the StoryCorps Mobile Booth stopped in Salinas. Marshall told his daughter how his mother and the military shaped his life.

Monterey County – About a thousand people lined up for the swine flu vaccine during a clinic held by the Monterey County Health Department at Hartnell College in Salinas. "I have chronic asthma and I have a baby that I'm breastfeeding. He's only four months and two days," said Anamaria Guillermo. Renee Kennedy was also in line. "My daughter's severe asthmatic and any virus can put her in the hospital so we try to take as many precautions as possible," she said.


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