Can An Immigration Deal Get Done?

Mar 5, 2018

Gun control is in the spotlight, but what about an immigration deal? Is there the political will to get it done?


Fernando Pizarro, Univision correspondent covering Congress, the White House and immigration. (@FPizarro_DC)

Stephen Lee, professor of law at the University of California Irvine School of Law.

Korina Iribe Romo, 28-year-old with DACA status. Advocacy director at the student organization Undocumented Students for Education Equity.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, Democrat of Illinois. (@SenatorDurbin)

From The Reading List:

USA Today: Congress no longer has a deadline on DREAMers, but lawmakers say they still want a fix — “Lawmakers in both parties acknowledge that Monday’s Supreme Court ruling reduced the urgency for Congress to decide the fate of hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children. But they are vowing to keep chipping away at the issue anyway.”

PennLive: We need a permanent solution for the Dreamers — “Depression, anxiety, frustration: This was my reality as an undocumented young woman living in the United States.”

Today was supposed to be the day. The deadline imposed by President Trump to figure out what to do about DACA. But with a Supreme Court decision taking the teeth out of the deadline, all of a sudden, Congress seems to have lost interest. DACA was the one issue with a glimmer of bipartisan support, but now few lawmakers are rallying around even a temporary fix. Hundreds of thousands of people remain in immigration limbo. So what can – what should – happen next?

This hour, On Point: Hurry up and wait. The lack of urgency around DACA.

Meghna Chakrabarti

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