Could Virtual Reality Become 'The Evilest Invention Of All Time'?

Nov 29, 2017

Virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier now says VR could be the “evilest invention of all time.” He’ll join our show to make the case.

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Jaron Lanier, virtual reality pioneer, author and musician, author of “Dawn of the New Everything: Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality.”

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Excerpt of Dawn of the New Everything:

Tech visionary Jaron Lanier was there at the beginning of virtual reality in the 1980s, when it was just goggles, a glove, some relatively simple software, and the dream that we could walk into an alternate world. In the decades since, the internet has made our own world look alternative. We’re immersed in the whirl of social media and screens all over. And still, deep virtual reality is coming. This hour, On Point: Jaron Lanier on humanity and the tech frontier now. —Tom Ashbrook

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