Know Laughing Matter

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It’s nearly impossible to fake a laugh. Yet, humans will laugh even if something isn’t funny. Discover the evolutionary function of cracking up and meet the other species that love to giggle (and monkey around).

Also, hilarious science comedy. Yes, science comedy. Plus, teaching machines to write punch lines… and stretching – and splitting – your sides with laughter yoga.


•  Frans de Waal – Primatologist, Emory Univeristy and the Yerkes Primate Center in Atlanta, Georgia

•  Brian Malow – Science comedian

•  Robert Provine – Neuroscientist, University of Maryland, Balitimore, author of Laughter: A Scientific Investigation

•  Tony Veale – Computer scientist and natural language processing researcher. University College, Dublin, Ireland

•  Tommy Westerfield – Instructor, We Are Laughter

From: Big Picture Science

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