Peace Greats (Part 2)

Broadcast: January 21, 2018 at 4pm

We’re calling this episode “Peace Greats: Part 2” as it features memorable moments from programs we’ve done spotlighting Nobel Prize winners.

While our series goes out of its way to feature the less-heralded peace workers throughout history and in our world today, the personalities who rise to the top of world consciousness often do so for very good and powerful reasons that deserve more focused attention.

And today, we’ve gathered 8 whose stories in the 20th Century (and most still into the 21st century) make them extraordinary. Mairead Maguire, Ralph Bunche, Muhammad Yunus, Jody Williams, Martti Ahtisaari, Liu Xiaobo, Jimmy Carter and Al Gore.

From: Peace Talks Radio: Weekly Hour Long Episodes

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