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Election law expert: GPU4 supporters face uphill battle

By Ben Adler

Pacific Grove, CA – Okay, everyone, take a deep breath --Election Day is here. By the end of the night, Monterey County voters will have chosen their vision for land use and development for the next generation. Oh, who are we kidding ... With two competing general plans, three ballot measures and conflicting yeas and nays, it'll probably take a judge to interpret the results. But your vote today will shape the debate -- both inside the courtroom and out. KAZU's Ben Adler runs through some scenarios on what happens next.

WEB EXTRA: UCLA law professor Daniel Lowenstein, a respected election law expert, tells KAZU he believes the county-written General Plan update, GPU4, might need victores in both Measures B and C to win approval. Click here to listen (or right-click and select "save as" to download).