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U.S. students turn to Europe to earn affordable degrees


OK - early-decision deadlines are approaching for some schools, and students are thinking about which college might be right for them - also, which they can afford.


Several years ago, we reported on Americans choosing cheaper university educations overseas.

Listener Liza Miezejeski was a high school student in Connecticut at that time, and that story affected her, as she explained in a popular TikTok video.


LIZA MIEZEJESKI: Once it came to high school and everybody was looking at university, I was just kind of like - I didn't have that same excitement, I think, as most people for university until I heard this interview. And I was like, whoa, that is, like, totally something that I would do.

MARTIN: Miezejeski says she did consider schools in the U.S.


MIEZEJESKI: OK, yeah, I could go to frat parties and football games, which I've kind of been doing, like, in high school anyway. And like, it's not that different - as much fun as it sounds. But I could also get an education that's affordable and unique and will make me stand out and will give me an experience that, like, for me, was just way beyond what I would get in the U.S.

INSKEEP: Miezejeski is 22 now and finishing her European education. She studied in Prague and then stayed to earn a master's degree for 4,000 euros, which is just a little bit more in U.S. dollars. Unlike a lot of her former classmates, she's going to graduate debt-free.

MARTIN: As you can tell, Miezejeski has become something of an advocate for an international education.


MIEZEJESKI: Yeah, you're moving to a country, and you don't - maybe don't know everything about the country. You maybe don't know the language. But there are English-taught programs all over the world - I guarantee, like, at least one in every country, if not multiple. Like, there's no shortage of English-taught programs. So if you choose a country that you're like, this is where I want to live, or if you choose a school that you're like, this is the program, just do as much research as you can and early on.

INSKEEP: Sounds like a plan for college or for life. Do some research, and then take a leap.

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