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Buddy Guy: Can't Quit the Blues

Buddy Guy

Broadcast: February 24, 2019

One-hour music intensive radio special features legendary bluesman Buddy Guy in his own words and music. Buddy Guy's own comments come from an exclusive interview session, and include many recollections and insights that will heard on your station for the first time. 

Hosted by journalist Anthony DeCurtis, this program also features 15 classic tracks from throughout Guy's career. Buddy Guy tells his own story, looking back on his life and career as only he can. He begins the story with his poor, sharecropping roots in Lettsworth, LA, and guides up through all his stops along the way to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - the first time he met the blues on a John Lee Hooker record, the birth of his trademark guitar style while regularly jamming for customers at a gas station, his explosion on the Chicago blues scene, his influence on many of rock's great guitarists (Clapton, Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rolling Stones, John Mayer and many more), and much more. 
Throughout "Can't Quit the Blues," Buddy Guy opens up and reveals himself as a man with a soul as great as his musical skills. He is extremely grateful to all those who helped him along the way, and always happy to share his knowledge with those inspired by him. At 70 years-old, he continues to live a great life, always thankful of how he came to be one of the world's great blues guitarists. 

"If I had my life to live over," he says, "I would come back the same road that I came and pick up the acoustic guitar and hope to make somebody happy and smile." 

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