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Shades of Green

Broadcast: April 21, 2019, at 4pm

In honor of Earth Day, this program is about the many ways people around the world are fighting for the environment.


Only Joni: choosing one child
Living in Houston with flaring smokestacks in the distance stoked Carrie Feibel’s eco-anxieties and worries about overpopulation, still she decided to have a kid … but just one.

Carbon indulgences: pay to lighten your carbon footprint
Some companies offer you the chance to “erase” your carbon sins without making big change to your habits.

Chickpea soup for the planet
Thirty-four-year-old Meghan Adorno says being vegan is about keeping herself healthy, protecting animals and saving the planet. 

Your body wash is bad for the Earth
Follow this air-quality whodunit that ultimately implicates the smell-good spritzes and soaps you love.

Forecasting climate changeChicago’s loveable weatherman Tom Skilling started getting hate mail when he decided to slip global warming information into his meteorological reports. 

9 shades of American green 
We imagine people as either pro-environment or anti, as a tree hugger or a bulldozer. “The reality is that those two extremes are actually fairly rare,” says researcher Jennifer Benz. Her team studied Americans’ views on the environment and divvied them up into nine categories, including religious greens” and “homebodies.”

• Environmental scientist Halina Brown says maybe you feel eco-friendly, but you’re kidding yourself if all you do is recycle soda cans.

• Taiwo Sokan’s Christianity drives her to work for environmental justice.

• Matt Vincent loves the outdoors; but he’s a conservationist, not an environmentalist.

• Madeleine Somerville goes green by buying and using less.

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