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Waste Not

original photo: Seth Shostak

Broadcast: Jan. 5, 2020, at 4 p.m.

Why create more landfill? Resist the urge to toss those old sneakers or last year’s smart phone. Instead, let global junk entrepreneurs repurpose them as they turn trash to treasure. Meanwhile, right-to-repair advocates fight for legislation that would help you fix your electronic devices. And, if you toss food scraps down the drain, are you contributing to a “fatberg” horror in the sewer? 


• John Love – Synthetic biologist at the University of Exeter

• Adam Minter – Author of Secondhand: Travels in the New Global Garage Sale

• Amanda Preske – Chemist and the owner of Circuit Breaker Labs

• Nathan Proctor– National campaign director for U.S. Public Interest Research Group – (PIRGS) Right to Repair campaign

• Kyle Wiens – CEO of I-Fixit, an Internet repair community

Produced by: Big Picture Science

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