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Blue Dot: Surf's Up!

Photo by Seth Deroulet

Broadcast: June 28, 2020, at 4:00 p.m.

In this episode, 'Big Wave Dave' (Dave Schlom) talks surfing, featuring a conversation with San Francisco Chronicle sportswriter Bruce Jenkins and retired NASA Oceanographer Bill Patzert, diving deep under the swells of the world of big waves with an emphasis on Mavericks -- the biggest surf wave on the west coast located in Half Moon Bay.

The conversation wraps up reminiscing about Bruce Brown's The Endless Summer and a campaign for surfer license plates as a tribute to the classic film.

And then, Mark Sponsler who rides big waves like Mavericks and has a website called Stormsurf that forecasts wave conditions for surfers, shares his insights on waves -- what makes the perfect surfing wave?

Dave also spoke with Surfer Magazine staff photographer Frank Quirarte, who takes his camera into the big break at Mavericks on a personal water craft and rescues surfers trapped in the cauldron of whitewater.

Finally, a bonus segment listening to surf guitar and surf music with music historian and guitar collector John Biscuti.

Produced by: North State Public Radio

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