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Cycles of Life


Broadcast: July 26, 2020 at 4 p.m.

As more cities close down streets to traffic, new riders are hopping on bikes every day. Evan Friss, author of On Bicycles: A 200-Year History of Cycling in New York City, talks about the rise in pandemic pedaling and why New York’s bike share program is so successful. 

And: With so few cars on the road, CO2 emissions have dropped dramatically. But if every silver lining has a touch of grey, it’s the rise in single-use plastic pollution. Matt Eick is a soil scientist who digs deep into our natural environment during this pandemic. 

Later in the show:Would you be willing to pay an extra few cents for compostable take out containers? Mary Beth Manjerovicis asking and restaurants are willing as our trash piles up.

Plus: Edward Maibach suggests we start conversations about climate change in unexpected places: Facebook, the doctor’s office, and the TV weather report.

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