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  • June 30, 2020 to
    June 30, 2020
  • 8:00 am
  • Free


Event Description

University of California Observatories, UC Santa Cruz

Today, Tuesday, June 30th is the last June Date for the The University of California Observatories “Astronomy Virtual Events Lecture and Discussion Series”!

With the end of June, UC Observatories asks you to get together again for what has unquestionably become a beyond-thrilling “Out of This World” Journey where wonder and great discoveries await!

Get ready to virtually invite yet either another exceptionally-outstanding University of California Observatories Astronomer or unparalleled Scientific Expert into your living rooms, onto your back porches, or wherever you connect to Instagram and Facebook! UC Observatories invites you to participate in the last segment of this month’s thrilling series of 30 to 45-minute virtual “Living Room Lecture” today on Tuesday, June 30th!

This lecture will launch via Facebook Live (UCO Facebook) at 4:00pm (PST). It’s time to take a break from Netflix and Podcasts, expand your scientific knowledge and engage in the invaluable study of our vast yet fragile Universe. For this month the program has successfully alternated weeks between “Living Room Lectures” and “Ask-an-Astronomer” on Instagram Live (Lick Observatory Instagram). The “Ask-an-Astronomer” Sessions have been casual similar to the Question and Answer segments following a public lecture.

UC Observatories will continue gathering your questions today via our social media platforms in order to allow its hosting Astronomer to answer as many questions as possible during this final June Session.

UC Observatories sincerely appreciates your ideas and feedback for future e-digest content. Please send your comments to social@ucolick.org.

“We cannot wait to hear from you!”


”… Astronomers and Astrophysicists across the UC Ssystem continue to dig through data we have collected in the past and design the instruments of the future. Perhaps for the first time, forced to stay at home by COVID-19, we are finding time to reflect on our work, explore questions that have long remained on the periphery of our minds, and put down on (electronic) paper the discoveries and ideas that have till now been held in our heads and conversations.”

”While the future is uncertain and we are not the scientists who will solve this particular crisis, we put our faith in the future by continuing to ask the big questions: What is our place in the Universe? How did we get here? Are we alone? ”

”Science is a shared experience, so we are excited to introduce two new opportunities to come together as a community beginning in June: Living Room Lectures and Ask-an-Astronomer. While we cannot gather in person this summer, we look forward to spending more time with each of you.”

”Stars spend most of their existence socially-distanced from any other star, yet have profound impacts on the Universe. We expect the same is true of human beings.”

(courtesy of Professor and Astronomer Claire E. Max, Director, University of California Observatories()

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  • University of California Observatories