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Free 90.3 FM Transmitters

And other RF and HD Equipment

The following equipment was recently retired by KAZU.  It was used as part of a high level combined HD system.  We don’t want the equipment to end up as e-waste, so we are giving it away.  If you want any of these items, you will have to arrange for shipping.  Current location is the Monterey, California area.  For more information, contact:  KAZU Engineering at:

       (Shipping is pending)

  • 5 KW
  • Tuned to 90.3 Mhz 
    (Retuning modules approx. $300/module. If you have the right RF test equipment you can retune the combiner.  It’s cost prohibitive to have Nautel do it.)
  • NE-50 exciter with 2nd Harmonic Filter
  • Installed new in 2004, removed in 2019
  • No problems with xmtr during that time.
  • Size: 29" x 31.5" x 75.5", Weight: 874 lbs.


  • Tuned to 90.3
  • Installed new 2004
  • This is the UK model
  • Includes M50 exciter 
  • Power output, 219 watts Digital only.

SHIVELY 5626E 8 db Digital Injector

  • Used for High Level HD combining
  • Analog input built with 3” hardline with 1 5/8 adapters
  • Digital injection and reject load uses  7/16 DIN connectors

Miscellaneous Nautel HD generation equipment

  • NE-IBOC.  Unit functions.  Problems with the analog delay circuit would require another method to delay analog audio.
  • Aux unit.  Switches I/O to bypass NE-IBOC if there is a problem.  GPS sync unit inside.  No GPS antenna available