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The Science of Happiness at Work

Broadcast on September 30, 2018 @  4 PM  

What would make you happier at work? Being unhappy at work hurts creativity and productivity. It's bad for our health, our home lives and the company's bottom line. We’ll delve into the newest research that illuminates what makes our jobs more meaningful, engaging, and fulfilling.

Studies show that strengthening skills that support our sense of purpose, our engagement, resilience and connection improves our happiness at work. We provide science-tested tips and exercises and hear from guests who've tried them —our happiness guinea pigs — who include ABC’s Dan Harris and The Takeaway’s Tanzina Vega. And then we explore the science behind why they work. The Science of Happiness at Work is hosted by Dacher Keltner, professor of psychology and faculty director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and host of the podcast, The Science of Happiness. Dacher is joined by Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Science Director at the Greater Good Science Center, and co-instructor for the new online course, The Science of Happiness at Work. Hosts: Dacher Keltner, Emiliana Simon-Thomas

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