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StoryCorps Military Voices Monterey Bay


StoryCorps’ mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories. The national nonprofit recently visited the Monterey Bay area to record the stories of local veterans, service members and military families.

StoryCorps’ Military Voices Initiative provides an opportunity for the military community to share their experiences in their own words. It also provides an opportunity for civilians to learn more about the complex experiences of military members’ service and sacrifice. 

Below are some of the stories recorded this summer. Excerpts were selected and produced by 90.3 KAZU. 

Credit StoryCorps
Chet Lowney

Chet Lowney, 88, served in the Air Force in the 1950s. He came to the StoryCorps booth to share a story that has stuck with him all these years. It happened in Birkenfeld, Germany. (Photo: StoryCorps)

Credit StoryCorps
Tawnee Palmer (left) and StoryCorps' Hazel Diaz (right)

Tawnee Palmer, 40, grew up in rural southern California and joined the military instead of college. Now, she works at the Veterans Transition Center of Monterey County where she makes sure veterans know about their benefits. (Photo: StoryCorps)

Tawnee Palmer, in her own words.

Credit StoryCorps
Amber Kingery (left) and Kath Ashton (right)

After law school, Kath Ashton joined the Marines in the 1980s. She rose to the rank of colonel and was also a civil servant lawyer for the Navy. She served more than six years on active duty and 20 years in the Marine Corps Reserve. Ashton, 66, recently retired from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. She recorded her story with her former colleague Amber Kingery. (Photo: StoryCorps)

Kath Ashton, in her own words.

Credit StoryCorps
Bud Biery (left) and Barbara Leeper (right)

Bud Biery, 76, was a pilot in the Navy. Now retired, Biery spent more than 20 years in the military. He came to the StoryCorps booth with his daughter who was born while Biery was serving in the Vietnam War. (Photo: StoryCorps)

Bud Biery, in his own words.