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13 California Radio Stations Unite For The First Ever State-Wide Public Media Campaign On August 27


For the first time in California’s history, public radio stations up and down the state are uniting for one special day of support on August 27, 2020 for the inaugural California Public Radio Day. The one-day fundraising initiative will serve to build awareness of the vital public service offered by these nonprofits and encourage listeners from Mendocino to San Diego to support their local stations. 

In a joint statement, the participating organizations said: “At a time when our country is divided over so many issues, working with our fellow stations for California Public Radio Day is an opportunity for public media to lead by example and demonstrate the power that unity can bring to our communities, showing how our cohesive efforts can go so much further than those divided. For millions of listeners, California's network of public radio stations is a daily source for fact-based news and information; a means of discovering their next favorite artist; a consistent melody of voices and music to underscore daily activities; and most importantly, a community they can trust. Public radio is not beholden to stockholders or corporate interests; it is accountable to the people. But without the support of our listeners, we could be at great risk. We hope Californians will join together with us to help boost this critical service and share their love for public radio.” 

Participating public radio stations across California include: KPCC-FM (Pasadena), KQED-FM (San Francisco), KCRW-FM (Santa Monica); KPBS-FM (San Diego), KAZU-FM (Monterey Bay), KZYX-FM (Philo/Mendocino), KRCB-FM (Santa Rosa), KCBX-FM (San Luis Obispo), KVPR-FM (Fresno), KCLU-FM (Thousand Oaks), 88.5 FM (Northridge), KPFK-FM (Pacifica), and KKJZ-FM (Long Beach), as well as dozens of repeater signals. 

Follow the campaign on social media with the hashtags #IlovePublicMedia and #CaliforniaPublicRadioDay.



Support your local public radio station today at