Erika Mahoney

Interim News Director

Erika Mahoney joined KAZU Public Radio in 2016. Her story, "Reality of Possible Separation Sets in for American Children of Undocumented Parents" won a National Edward R. Murrow Award in 2018 for 'Excellence in Writing.'

Erika studied Broadcast Journalism at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. She interned for CBS Sunday Morning in New York City. After graduating, Erika spent four years working as a TV reporter in Upstate New York and on the Central Coast of California. 

Erika's passion for journalism and public radio began in high school when she worked for an independent community radio station in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Erika loves living in the Monterey Bay area with her partner and orange tabby cat. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, swimming, yoga and painting.  

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Erika Mahoney

On Thursday, the California Coastal Commission listened to hours of public comments over California American Water’s proposed desalination facility, which aims to provide water to much of the Monterey Peninsula. Part of the project would be located within the City of Marina, but Marina residents won’t get any of the water.

Ocean Exploration Trust & NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries

During a recent expedition to study the largest octopus garden ever discovered, scientists stumbled across a second garden about 5 miles away. Located off the coast of Central California, these gardens are home to thousands of octo-moms who have come to take care of their eggs. KAZU News caught up with the scientists to learn more about what will come of their expedition. 

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10/30/2019: PG&E decided not to turn off the power in Santa Cruz County on Tuesday following changes in the weather. 

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10/28/2019 5:15PM: PG&E announced Monday evening that they will be moving forward with another Public Safety Power Shutoff on Tuesday. This round will likely impact portions of 29 counties, including parts of Santa Cruz County. Monterey County will not be affected.



10/27/2019 7PM: Restoration of power is expected to begin Monday. PG&E announced Sunday that another round of power shutoffs may occur Tuesday and Wednesday due to another wind event in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This round of power shutoffs could potentially affect customers in Santa Cruz County. 

Erika Mahoney

10/25/2019 9:00PM: According to the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services, the number of people potentially impacted in Monterey County has increased to 9,000.

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10/25/19 11:30AM:  Several weather alerts are underway across the Monterey Bay area as a fire burns in neighboring San Mateo County.


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When you travel along Highway 1 in Big Sur, it’s hard to miss the tall rock with the lighthouse jutting out into the ocean. For decades, people have been able to tour this historic Point Sur Light Station. But next door, there’s an old military facility that has been off-limits to the public, until now. The historic naval facility played a key role in the Cold War. Tours of it just began.

Erika Mahoney

A team of scientists spent the week exploring an octopus garden in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The garden is a nursery of sorts, a place where hundreds of female octopuses come to lay and take care of their eggs. Brimming with brooding moms, it’s the largest octopus garden ever discovered. 


Update 10/17/19: Another earthquake shook the Central Coast Thursday morning. The 3.6 magnitude earthquake struck around 7:54am about 16km NW of Pinnacles.

Erika Mahoney

Nearly 40,000 PG&E customers lost power in Santa Cruz County. County officials say the restoration process is beginning. But the shutoff has taken a toll on people and businesses. 

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Parts of Santa Cruz County are expected to lose power beginning at 8pm tonight. Residents have tried to prepare for PG&E’s anticipated “Public Safety Power Shutoff” with changing information. Local water departments are also on high alert. 

Michelle Loxton

Congressman Jimmy Panetta has been in the Monterey Bay area for a couple of weeks, traveling throughout his district. The KAZU News team sat down with him last week to ask “Where We’re At” on some of the top issues affecting our community.

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The Santa Cruz area is among a handful of California school districts considering creative solutions, including building affordable housing on school district property, to keep their teachers from leaving.

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UPDATE 9/28: Hundreds of activists, including students from elementary schools to universities, participated in Friday's walkout. They marched from the Wells Fargo bank to the farmer's market parking lot and made stops along the way. These activists joined millions of others around the world as part of the week-long Global Climate Strike. 

Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office


California State University Monterey Bay police officers are warning students about potentially lethal counterfeit pills.

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It’s been just over a week since the devastating dive boat fire off the coast of southern California that left 34 people dead. Onboard were scientists, photographers, diving enthusiasts and a marine biologist who was the trip’s divemaster. 

A favorite dish for purple sea urchins living off the coast of California is kelp. Problem is, those kelp forests are shrinking dramatically and that's hurting the marine ecosystem. So a group of scientists ran an experiment to see if these sea urchins can themselves become a top menu item.

Just off the Monterey Peninsula, a boat sways in the ocean. Three divers get ready to jump in. They're students from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, a graduate school for marine scientists. The assignment: Count purple sea urchins.

Erika Mahoney

Members of the Monterey Bay community joined together in a vigil Thursday night to honor the victims of the devastating boat fire in the Channel Islands. 

Erika Mahoney


President Trump is escalating his trade war against China, raising tariffs already in place and adding a 15 percent tariff on an additional $300 billion worth of goods imported from China. The latest China tariff list includes surfboards.