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AFTER THE FIRES: A Hopeful Story of Forest Ecology with Chad Hanson

Broadcast: October 24, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.

From the Blue Dot Series:

While the large fires such as Dixie (likely to become the largest in California history) and Caldor continue burning their way through the Northern Sierra and Southern Cascades, its easy to feel like much beauty has been permanently lost.

But, according to Dave's guest, Dr. Chad Hanson from the John Muir Project, such is not necessarily the case. In an ultimately uplifting conversation sprinkled with practical, data-based advice, Dave and Chad talk about how nature's resiliency is baked into California's fire-prone landscapes.

Not all of the burn scar areas have had high intensity fires (though some have) and there will be pockets of forest that survives while others will start to regenerate faster than one might imagine.

Dr. Hanson also talks about the need to harden communities that are in fire prone areas like the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Listen to the episode here.