Affordable Housing

Michelle Loxton

The lack of affordable housing in the Monterey Bay area is not a new problem. So, the competition for rental units is fierce. This is having an impact on the workforce population, which is key to important industries on the Central Coast.

Erika Mahoney


The Santa Cruz area is among a handful of California school districts considering creative solutions, including building affordable housing on school district property, to keep their teachers from leaving.

Erika Mahoney

Pebble Beach is an expensive place to live. The gated-community also has resorts and golf courses. Many of the 1700 people who work for the Pebble Beach Company commute. But now, some of them won’t have to.

Erika Mahoney

California’s expensive housing market is pushing people out. That’s a top concern for some as they head to the polls. In Santa Cruz County, voters will weigh in on Measure H. It taxes property owners to pay for affordable housing. 

Krista Almanzan

A transformation is coming to Salinas’ Chinatown.  A new affordable housing development will soon break ground. 

As the weather gets colder, providing shelter for the homeless becomes a bigger priority throughout California.   In Monterey County, the homeless population far outnumbers the amount of available shelter beds; being homeless means you probably don’t know where you are going to sleep tonight.