Cal Fire

Luis Alejo

Welcome to KAZU's weekly news roundup for 4/9/21. Here you'll find the top local stories of the week and a few select national stories from NPR.

Cal Fire CZU

Firefighters responded to multiple fires in Santa Cruz County Tuesday after high winds amid dry conditions. Two of the fires prompted evacuations. Those orders were lifted Wednesday.

Hannah Hagemann

A small crew of firefighters pack into a red fire engine and barrel up a road west of Brookdale in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They’re on mop up duty; scouting for new sources of smoke, looking for burned trees and any hot spots that could reignite the blaze.

Erika Mahoney

The River Fire, south of Salinas, is 10 percent contained and has burned 2,800 acres. Around 1,500 structures are threatened and five have been damaged. Not only are people evacuating, so are their animals.

Erika Mahoney

4:00pm: A total of three spot fires broke out Saturday morning near the Marina airport. Two of the fires were under an acre and the third was about 49 acres. All three are fully contained. Fire personnel will be mopping up into the evening. 

Erika Mahoney

Winter rain created lush green hillsides across California. Soon, summer heat will dry out this growth, creating fuel for wildfire. To prepare, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered fire prevention work in vulnerable communities across the state.

Erika Mahoney

Carmel Valley has known wildfire risks: steep terrain, seasonally dry brush and lots of open space. It also has limited evacuation routes.