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The type of shark that killed a surfer in Santa Cruz County last weekend has been identified. But that’s just one of the pieces of the puzzle in this rare attack. 


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When you travel along Highway 1 in Big Sur, it’s hard to miss the tall rock with the lighthouse jutting out into the ocean. For decades, people have been able to tour this historic Point Sur Light Station. But next door, there’s an old military facility that has been off-limits to the public, until now. The historic naval facility played a key role in the Cold War. Tours of it just began.

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The man shot and killed by park rangers in Big Sur last weekend was wanted for murder in the Bay Area.

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Point Lobos is preparing to be the first day-use California State Park to roll out a reservation system. Known for its picturesque hiking trails that hug the coastline, Point Lobos has long been called the ‘crown jewel’ of the park system. But, visitors are loving it to death.

California State Parks

Big Sur has a messy problem of people going to the bathroom along Highway 1. Now there’s progress toward one solution. 

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Big Sur has more tourists than public restrooms to support them and that's creating a mess. People are relieving themselves along Highway 1 and on private property. 

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Nearly two years after the Soberanes Fire, some Big Sur hiking trails are still closed. The fire and following mudslides left major damage. But this Saturday, one popular trail is reopening. 

Erika Mahoney

A new campground is coming to a former Fort Ord firing range.  The California Coastal Commission approved a permit for California State Parks to build the campground in Fort Ord Dunes State Park. 

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Update: On Tuesday, March 28th State Parks opened the bypass trail to local residents, school children and people who work south of the downed bridge.  Trail users must get a pass from State Parks and sign a waiver.  The trail opens a half hour before sunrise and closes a half hour after sunset.