Highway 1 in Big Sur will reopen Friday, two months ahead of Caltrans’ schedule. A section of the roadway at Rat Creek has been closed since late January.

Brandt Bates

Highway 1 is scheduled to reopen early this summer. A section of the road on Big Sur’s south coast is closed after a debris flow washed out both lanes. The work to repair the damage will begin Monday, March 1.

Heath Johnston

The powerful storm that caused outages, flooding and mudflows also washed out part of Highway 1 along the Big Sur coast. Caltrans crews and emergency contractors are now assessing the damage.

Krista Almanzan

There’s a mountain side on the south coast of Big Sur that has been slowly slipping.  Known as Paul’s Slide, it drops rocks, dirt and mud onto Highway 1. Paul’s Slide is also threatening the road that connects a group of monks to the rest of the world.


Update: As of 12:00pm on Friday, November 30, Highway 1 is back open at Paul's Slide and Mud Creek.  


With heavy rain comes the threat of mudslides.  So with rain in the forecast, CalTrans is temporarily closing two sections of Highway 1 along the Big Sur Coast.

Brandt Bates

This weekend will be the first in more than a year that Highway 1 is completely open through Big Sur. That will bring even more tourist traffic and businesses and residents are bracing it. 

California Department of Transportation

Starting Wednesday morning, you can drive all the way through Big Sur on Highway 1. A portion of the road has been closed for more than a year. A massive landslide wiped it out.

John Madonna

Highway 1 at Mud Creek will open sooner than expected.  The road just south of Gorda was wiped out by a massive landslide in May of 2017.  

Erika Mahoney

Recent safety improvements on Highway 101 through Prunedale have led to the expansion of protected land in the Elkhorn Slough, just off the coast near Moss Landing.  

Erika Mahoney

A long-awaited ribbon cutting tomorrow will mark the opening of the new Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge. The bridge on Highway 1 in Big Sur has been closed for eight months after winter storms damaged it beyond repair. This literally divided the community.  

Krista Almanzan

Joe Erwin and I stand on land that didn’t exist before the Mud Creek Slide.  The ocean is at our backs.  In front of us, a semi-truck hauling enormous boulders makes its way down an access road carved into this new hillside.

“You know when you first see it you are overwhelmed by how big it is.  And you think what can we possible do,” says Joe Erwin, Project Manager with CalTrans.

courtesy John Madonna

The plan to clear a massive landslide that fell on Highway 1 in Big Sur earlier this year is to not clear it.  Instead CalTrans will build a road on top of it.

Greta Mart / KCBX

It may take a year to clear the Mud Creek slide in Big Sur.  It's being called the biggest landslide to hit the Central Coast in recent memory.


The Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge in Big Sur is still standing after efforts to tear it down Monday didn’t work.  A crane wielded a 6000 pound wrecking ball onto the bridge, but it didn’t hit with the desired strength says CalTrans Spokesman Jim Shivers.