Climate Change

Morgan Rector

California’s underwater kelp forests are in trouble. A combination of climate change and hungry purple sea urchins have decimated these vital forests. But the Monterey Peninsula has a kelp forest guardian — sea otters. New research out of the University of California, Santa Cruz is highlighting their role.

Michelle Loxton

Not far from the UC Santa Cruz campus is a 40 acre forest plot. Students have been counting seeds and measuring trees on this plot for more than a decade. That data has been used in a new study that aims to understand what our forests will look like in generations to come. And the findings suggest that change is on the horizon.

MBARI, 2012


Far below the surface of the Pacific Ocean is a lab run by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, MBARI. From here, scientists have been studying deep-sea communities, and they’ve been at it now for over 30 years. This was cause for a special issue of the journal Deep-Sea Research Part II, in which marine scientists published 16 papers about their findings.


The Marine Mammal Center


Since mid-May, disoriented and sometimes convulsing sea lions have been showing up on beaches across the Central Coast. It has become an annual occurrence with warming seas and algal blooms.

Mario Hoppman (AWI Germany).


In September 2019, a year-long experiment began. Publicized as the largest Central Arctic expedition in history, it was to be the closest ever look at the Arctic to better understand climate change. This experiment involves hundreds of scientists from around the world, including two from right here in Monterey. But it is currently compromised because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Erika Mahoney

The rate of sea level rise is accelerating. Communities along the California coast are preparing for that eventuality. In Santa Cruz County, some are pushing back against the plans.  

“King tides” will roll into the coastline this weekend. But there are some misperceptions about these high tides.

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On Friday, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg became the first of the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates to hold a public rally in Monterey. 

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A group of scientists from around the world are in the Arctic for a massive year-long expedition. About 900 people from 19 nations are involved, including two research professors from the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey.

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UPDATE 9/28: Hundreds of activists, including students from elementary schools to universities, participated in Friday's walkout. They marched from the Wells Fargo bank to the farmer's market parking lot and made stops along the way. These activists joined millions of others around the world as part of the week-long Global Climate Strike.