Scott Cohn


A 32-mile combination light rail line and pedestrian and bicycle trail from Davenport to Watsonville may finally be on the road to reality, according to backers of the project. It’s been a dream of Santa Cruz County transportation planners for decades. But opponents still say the project is impractical and should be scrapped in favor of only a trail, with no rail. 

Krista Almanzan

UC Santa Cruz just hired its first Activist in Residence. His name is Isai Ambrosio. His position is new at UCSC, but the idea is not new on college campuses. 

Davenport Cement Centennial

A houseplant is threatening young redwoods and other vegetation in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  

Erika Mahoney

Davenport is on the verge of running out of water.   At issue is who should pay for repairs to the main water pipeline that serves the small community north of Santa Cruz: the cement plant that owns the town's water infrastructure or residents.  

Erika Mahoney

For more than a century a cement plant defined the small, coastal community of Davenport. In fact, the town just north of Santa Cruz was built to house its workers. Now seven years after the plant shutdown, residents are again looking to the plant to define their town.  

courtesy: Sempervirens Fund

The Cotoni-Coast Dairies property north of Santa Cruz has earned National Monument status.