Erika Mahoney


The stormy start to the year has downed trees, caused flooding and power outages. But the rainfall has benefits. Excess water from the Carmel River is being stored for later use.

Erika Mahoney

Firefighters continue to make progress on the Loma Fire burning in the Santa Cruz Mountains. As of Thursday evening, firefighters had reached 22% containment and the fire had burned more than 3,800 acres.  

Erika Mahoney

California is home to the tallest and oldest trees on Earth. The state’s trees are humbling and magnificent, but they’re also very vulnerable. After five years of drought, trees are struggling to survive against unprecedented die-off.

Year’s Dry Start Hurts Ranchers, Farmers

Jan 16, 2014
Vinnee Tong

Many people across California are thinking the same thought lately: If only I could make it rain.

The state just endured its driest year ever, according to the National Weather Service. And rainfall levels this year -- at halfway through our rainiest months -- aren’t much improved. Now the state has created a team to address the drought, with many waiting for Gov. Brown to officially declare it an emergency.

Farmers and ranchers are already feeling the pain.