Election 2016

courtesy: Congressman Sam Farr

These are Representative Sam Farr’s last weeks in Congress. He retires in January after serving the Monterey Bay Area for 23 years.  Even as he packs to leave, he working to complete legislation still moving through both houses. I reached him at his office in DC to talk about this time of transition for himself and the country.

As ballots continue to be counted, you can follow local elections results using the links below.

Monterey County Elections

Santa Cruz County Elections

State and Federal Elections

Doug McKnight

In Congress the Monterey Bay Area has been represented by a Democrat for forty years, and that’s a tradition that will continue.  Voters have elected Democrat Jimmy Panetta to represent them in the 20th Congressional District. 

Election Day polls are open Tuesday, November 8th 7:00am to 8:00pm.   If you don’t know your polling place you can look it up online using the links below. 

Krista Almanzan

For the first time in almost a quarter of a century, the congressional district that spans Monterey Bay Area has an open seat.   Congressman Sam Farr announced his retirement last year.  

In the race to replace him, both Republican Casey Lucius and Democrat Jimmy Panetta are using the final days of their campaigns to appeal directly to voters.

Silence Broken in State Assembly Race

Nov 4, 2016

Campaign events surrounding the race for the State Assembly’s 29th District, which covers the bulk of the Monterey Bay Area have been sparse. That’s because Democrat incumbent Mark Stone hasn’t really had anyone to run against.

Krista Almanzan

Stefanie Krantz and David Moen walk a tightly packed New Monterey neighborhood with a map and list of likely voters.   They’re volunteers for the group, Protect Monterey County, which is behind the Yes on Z campaign.   

Doug McKnight

The ballot this Election Day is long. Beyond the race for President, Senate, Congress, there’s 17 state propositions, state and local offices, and local measures, like Measure E that hope not to get lost in mix.  It’s a renewal of a tax to support public parks in the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District.  And while parks are generally popular in this region, this tax is facing opposition.  

Bill Monning

In the race for the California State Senate Seat that represents the Monterey Bay Area, incumbent Democrat Bill Monning is facing Republican Palmer Kain. 

Monning served two terms in the California State Assembly before being elected to the State Senate in 2012. This would be his second term in the District 17 State Senate seat.  


In the race for the California State Senate Seat that represents the Monterey Bay Area, incumbent Democrat Bill Monning is facing Republican Palmer Kain

Kain is an Army Veteran and a Cabrillo College graduate who, citing the high cost of education in the U.S., earned his bachelor’s degree in Israel.   He has held various roles working in local and national politics, and now is running for the District 17 State Senate seat.  

Aquarium Not Biting on Measure P

Oct 20, 2016
Erika Mahoney

Thirteen cities in California raise funds through an admission tax, including San Francisco and Santa Cruz. The city of Pacific Grove wants to add its name to the list through Measure P, but some big players are voicing strong opposition.

Nic Coury, Monterey County Weekly

90.3 KAZU, in partnership with the Monterey County Weekly, brings you this debate between 20th District Congressional Candidates Republican Casey Lucius and Democrat Jimmy Panetta.

James Tensuan

Faced with growing potholes and shrinking government budgets, transportation officials in Santa Cruz County are turning to voters. They’re asking people to open up their pocketbooks to help pay for road and transit projects.

James Tensuan

California's counties are desperate for transportation funds as state and federal dollars dry up. Eleven have put tax measures on the November ballot, including Monterey County. Transportation officials there are asking voters to raise the sales tax to fund an array of improvements.