Andy Boy

Many businesses across the Central Coast, especially in the tourism and hospitality industries, are slowing or have shut down. But that isn’t the case for one of our region’s most important sectors, agriculture. In fact, even with or perhaps because of COVID-19,  this industry is thriving. 


Michelle Loxton

Farm fields across the Central Coast are a lot less busy this time of the year. That means farmworkers aren’t getting a paycheck. An annual holiday drive aims to help with Christmas presents and food donations.

Doug McKnight

Congressman Jimmy Panetta (CA-20) has been working on legislation for the past nine months that could have a major impact on one of the Central Coast’s most important industries - agriculture. 

Doug McKnight

The Monterey Bay’s multi-billion dollar farming industry depends on thousands of farmworkers. But a new study finds there’s a tremendous lack of housing for them.

Samantha Clark

Driscoll’s, the world’s largest berry distributor, has a reputation of being socially responsible in an industry often criticized for abuses. Even so, farmworkers and activists are targeting the family-owned company, saying it allows unfair labor practices.