Housing Crisis

Erika Mahoney


The graduate student teaching strike at UC Santa Cruz has entered its second week. The administration says the students could lose their jobs if they continue to not work. 

Scott Cohn


Voters in the city of Santa Cruz will decide on March 3 whether to recall City Councilmembers Drew Glover and Chris Krohn, and if so, who should replace them. It marks the first city council recall effort to make it onto the ballot in Santa Cruz in recent memory.

Michelle Loxton

The lack of affordable housing in the Monterey Bay area is not a new problem. So, the competition for rental units is fierce. This is having an impact on the workforce population, which is key to important industries on the Central Coast.

Erika Mahoney

UPDATED 1/9/20 4:30PM: The housing affordability crisis is sparking strikes at Santa Cruz County’s largest employer, UC Santa Cruz. On Thursday, around 200 people joined together in a rally to support those who are striking. The work stoppages began with graduate students and now some university workers are striking as well. 

Erika Mahoney

As home values continue to rise, school teachers and staff struggle to buy homes. To help, a growing number of local school districts are partnering with a company called “Landed”.

Erika Mahoney

Farmworker housing is in crisis. There’s not enough of it and much of what’s available is lousy. A growing number of agriculture companies are building seasonal housing for their workers. But that has it challenges.

Doug McKnight

The Monterey Bay’s multi-billion dollar farming industry depends on thousands of farmworkers. But a new study finds there’s a tremendous lack of housing for them.