Plastic pollution

Michelle Loxton

In its quest to go after plastic pollution, Santa Cruz County has set its sights on single use cups and plastic water bottles.

Krista Almanzan

Santa Cruz County is looking to ban more plastic items.  And they’re asking the public to help them decide what to go after.

Erika Mahoney

Some ocean pollution, like plastic bags, can float on top of the water. Others, like golf balls, sink. So to raise awareness about this problem, a Santa Cruz artist is turning golf balls from the ocean’s floor into a sculpture. They were collected in the waters off Pebble Beach by a teen diver.

Erika Mahoney

Santa Cruz County was one of the first to ban plastic bags and straws. Up next, big changes for small hotel toiletries.

Brandt Bates

Cigarette butts are a common sight on Central Coast beaches. They're not only gross, they can also harm wildlife. Still, finding a solution to this problem is proving difficult.