Salinas Police

In an effort to connect with its largely Latino population, the Salinas Police Department (@SalinasPD) in California tried an unconventional approach to mend its contentious relationship with the community.

This summer, two police officers donned the traditional Mexican charro uniform at the city’s largest rodeo event. Here & Now‘s Tonya Mosley talks with one of them, officer Gabriel Carvey.

Erika Mahoney

A California law requires certain businesses, including motels, truck stops and massage parlors, to display posters about human trafficking. But on a recent compliance check in Salinas, police found out very few are following this law.

Salinas Police Department

In the city of Salinas, gang violence is a persistent problem that is killing dozens of young people each year. Some city leaders, including the police chief, says the rest of the city suffers, too, from the economic consequence of living in a place where people think you could get shot just for walking down the street. The chief, a council member and other city leaders want to change that, by hiring more police officers to bring down the violence on the streets.