University of California Santa Cruz

Erika Mahoney

UPDATED 1/9/20 4:30PM: The housing affordability crisis is sparking strikes at Santa Cruz County’s largest employer, UC Santa Cruz. On Thursday, around 200 people joined together in a rally to support those who are striking. The work stoppages began with graduate students and now some university workers are striking as well. 

UC Santa Cruz


In a computer lab at UC Santa Cruz’s Silicon Valley campus in Santa Clara, graduate students Rutul Thakkar, Janelynn Camingue and Sai Ruthvik Thandayam spend the afternoon playing a virtual reality game called Spellcasters. The students are not goofing off. They’re taking part in a new master’s degree program, launched this fall.


Erika Mahoney

Friday is April 20, or “420”, a code word for marijuana and an annual, unofficial celebration of pot.  Every year on 4-20, thousands gather in a meadow at UC Santa Cruz to smoke weed. It’s always a busy and long day for campus police. Now, recreational marijuana is legal in California. But don’t expect the new law to change this event.