Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Mushroom Hunters Help Fungi Database Grow

Feb 11, 2016
James Tensuan

After four years of drought in California, mushroom hunting has all but dried up in Santa Cruz, where the hobby boasts a strong tradition. But now that El Nino-driven storms have arrived, fungi fans are heading back to the forest because when it rains, it spores.

Krista Almanzan

The Beach Flats Community Garden in Santa Cruz has been at the center of a dispute that lasted several months now.  The publicly run garden is located on private property, and the owners want some of the land back, but the gardeners don’t want to leave.

Krista Almanzan

Drones have moved from corners in the tech and model aircraft worlds to warranting conferences of their own.  Right now there’s a major one underway in Atlanta.  It comes on the heels of the Drones Data X Conference that wrapped up this weekend with in Santa Cruz. 


The Kaiser Permanente Arena in downtown Santa Cruz is normally home to the D-league basketball team, the Santa Cruz Warriors.  But on Friday it was all about drones.

Stretching Silicon Valley to the Beach

Mar 18, 2014
Rowan Moore Gerety

Every morning, more than 20,000 people leave Santa Cruz county and commute to work in Silicon Valley. Even with a large research university and seaside real estate, it’s hard for Santa Cruz to compete with the Valley’s pull on engineers and entrepreneurs. But with a $700 billion industry headquartered over the hill, there’s a lot to be gained from local efforts to stretch Silicon Valley to the beach.

In Santa Cruz, Pushing the Vatican to Accept Women as Priests

Mar 13, 2014
Rowan Moore Gerety

On a cloudy Saturday afternoon in Aptos, the church choirmaster leads a quartet singing the 23rd Psalm. Today, the Episcopal Church of St. John is packed with Catholics. They’re here to support the ordination of a Santa Cruz woman named Christine Fahrenbach. In an anteroom near the altar, she’s busy putting on an alb, traditional garb for Catholic priests.