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Business Underwriting/Partnerships

Local companies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals provide significant financial support by underwriting the news, discussion and entertainment programs KAZU broadcasts.  

Underwriting on 90.3 KAZU places you, your product or service in a unique position by clearly separating your name from the clutter inherent in commercial advertising.  Just as you, the underwriter, support 90.3 KAZU, the station's loyal listeners will support you.  88% of NPR listeners say their opinion of a company is more positive when they discover the company supports public radio.

KAZU Underwriting Executives:

Monterey County:
Michele Allen

Santa Cruz County:
Jocelyn MacNeil
phone: 831-582-5252
Reach a specific target audience

90.3 KAZU offers you the opportunity to support the programing that will most economically reach your target market.  When asked to name companies that support NPR, 51% of listeners recall at least one. 90.3 KAZU listeners are also the Monterey Bay Area's most educated and influential citizens. 

Underwriting identifies your company as a good corporate citizen
An association with 90.3 KAZU, with its long-standing reputation for public service broadcasting, identifies your company as a civic and community-minded organization with an interest in the public good that goes beyond simply selling a product or service.

The Basics of Underwriting

Underwriting spots may include:

  • Name of sponsor's firm and location (for example, Acme Anvil Company located at ...)
  • Brand or trade names and product or service listings (such as XYZ Company specializes in developing software solutions.)
  • Logos or corporate slogans which identify but do not promote
  • Value neutral description of a product line or service
  • A telephone number or a web address

Underwriting spots, per FCC regulations, may not include:

  • Qualitative or comparative claims (for example, "The best Italian food in town")
  • Calls to action ("Come and see us ...," "Call now")
  • Price or value information ("Only $9.99," "5.5% APR," "Our Summer Sale")
  • Jingles
  • Inducement to buy, sell, rent or lease