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It's Election Day: 10 Headlines That Tell Today's Story

A woman is accompanied by her dog as she casts her vote on in South Philadelphia, Pa.
Jessica Kourkounis
Getty Images
A woman is accompanied by her dog as she casts her vote on in South Philadelphia, Pa.

It's finally here! It's Election Day. After months of campaigning and some $2 billion spent by both campaigns, it means political junkies will finally get some answers and those who aren't too enamored with Washington, will stop seeing ads on TV.

With that, here are 10 headlines that tell today's story:

-- "New Hampshire hamlet casts the first votes of Election Day 2012" (Washington Post): And it was was a tie: Obama and Romney both received five votes.

-- "Obama sheds a tear at final campaign rally" (Politico)

-- "Romney makes final push in N.H." (Sea Coast Online): Remember Romney kicked off his campaign in New Hampshire. He will end it there today.

-- Officials Rush to Find Ways for the Storm-Tossed to Vote (New York Times)

-- N.J.'s emergency e-mail voting system could cause problems, experts say ("The New Jersey Star-Ledger")

-- WaPo-ABC tracking poll: final weekend tally is Obama 50, Romney 47, still a 'margin of error' contest (Washington Post)

-- 21 moments that defined the campaign and America (CNN)

-- Next Congress to bring more minorities to Hill (Politico)

-- Florida's New Battleground: The State Supreme Court (NPR)

-- Here's how to tell who's winning Ohio on election night (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

And here's an extra, nuts-and-bolts post from our friends at It's All Politics that gives you all the important dates and times.

Mark will be around later tonight to live blog the results. And, of course, NPR will have live coverage at 8 p.m., which you'll be able to stream from

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Eyder Peralta is NPR's East Africa correspondent based in Nairobi, Kenya.