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KAZU wins National Murrow Award


KAZU News is thrilled to announce it has won a National Edward R. Murrow Award in the “Excellence in Sound” category for Erika Mahoney’s story Sea Otters — The Guardians Of Monterey Bay’s Kelp Forest.

Sea Otters — Guardians of Monterey Bay's Kelp Forest
Toola, the southern sea otter, with a surrogate pup.

This story explored the threats facing California’s underwater kelp forests, and the important role played by a familiar Monterey Bay resident, the sea otter. Mahoney takes listeners from the chittering sounds of playful sea otters on the coast of Monterey to within the bay itself, and captures the voices of passionate scientists and concerned business owners along the way. This is her third national Murrow award.

This achievement is KAZU’s fourth National Murrow Award. The station won a Murrow Award last year for its Continuing Coverage of the intense 2020 wildfire season. In 2018, Erika Mahoney won an award for Excellence in Writing for her story Reality Of Possible Separation Sets In For American Children Of Undocumented Parents. In 2019, the story Rescued Sea Otters Return To The Monterey Bay by Krista Almanzan won for Excellence in Sound.

KAZU News has previously won 31 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards and competes in the Small Market Radio category.