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The Hidden World of Girls - Part 2

Photo by: Shadi Ghardirian

Broadcast March 31, 2019

(Part 2 of 2)

The Hidden World of Girls is an NPR series exploring the secret life of girls around the world. Girls and the women they become. Stories of coming of age, rituals and rite of passage, secret identities--of women who crossed a line, blazed a trail, changed the tide.

In the tradition of their previous series Hidden Kitchens and Lost & Found Sound, The Kitchen Sisters opened up an NPR phone line and asked listeners to call with their stories, leads and suggestions. 

The stories come from unexpected tellers in unexpected places: a caravan on the outskirts of Dublin where we enter the hidden world of Irish Traveller girls. From the Tina Turner of Siberia who lives in one of the most remote, coldest and hottest places on earth. We peer deep into the earth to explore the secret world of termite queens. The double life of 10-year-old girls is captured in a story of childhood friendship and fantasy told by science fiction writer, Pat Cadigan. An Iranian photographer brings us into the hidden realms of modern Iranian women. We chronicle photographer, Deborah Luster, who got lost on a road in Louisiana one day and found herself at the gates of a prison, and over the years came to make thousands of haunting portraits of incarcerated men and women. We step inside the secret identity of Theresa Sparks. We explore the two worlds of a girl born the daughter of a Korean woman and a US GI. We travel to New Mexico for a kinaalda, the powerful and ancient coming-of-age ritual of Navajo girls. And we visit a young Estonian environmental activist who spearheaded a one-day clean up of her entire country. These are a few of the hidden worlds of women and girls that we meet in this international multimedia collaboration.

Produced by: The Kitchen Sisters

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