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Families: Fathers, Sons & Brothers

Broadcast: June 16, 2019 at 4 p.m.

These are public radio stories made over many years, by producer Jay Allison -- working together with Christina Egloff, and friends, colleagues, neighbors, strangers and whoever would take the loan of one of his tape recorders. They are are stories about life as we find it, and record it.

Four stories:

Dad's Moving Out - There was a moment when Dan knew for sure his parents we?re splitting up. He remembers it clearly. His parents remember it clearly too, but differently. Produced with Dan Robb.

My Brother, Tom Jones - Alex is a Tom Jones impersonator, a dedicated one. This portrait of him and his work was made by his younger brother who has always admired him. Produced with Dan Gediman.

Dad and Sam - Love and Brotherhood. "Every year my father would go get Uncle Sam from the Delaware State Mental Hospital and bring him home for Christmas..."

Descended from the Holocaust - A physician in central Massachusetts borrows a tape recorder and accompanies his parents to the Holocaust Museum to talk to them about something they've never talked about before: their experience in the Nazi concentration camps. Produced with Dr. Alan Berkenwald.

Produced by: Jay Allison

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