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The Cultural and Environmental Impacts of Surfing - Part 1

Broadcast: Aug. 16, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

After the killing of George Floyd, Blue Dot's Oceanographer Emeritus Bill Patzert called "Big Wave Dave" to ask him to check out a New York Times Opinion piece titled "The Long Strange Tale of Caliornia's Surf Nazis," by journalist Daniel Duane.


Conversations ensued about racism, localism and environment and how surf culture has reflected those complex currents through time since the Malibu explosion of the early 1960s.


The CEO of the Surfrider Foundation, Chad Nelsen joins us for a look at their work on protecting beach access and keeping the surf zone safe from contaminants from sexism and racism to toxic pollution.


Then a conversation with Duane and one of Surfrider's founders, Glenn Henning join Dave for a conversation about racism and localism's role in surfing history as well as a look at the complex tale of "The King of Malibu," Miki Dora.

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