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KAZU's 2022 Elections Page

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National Returns: Senate | House | Governor

California State Returns: Senate | House | Governor | Ballot Initiatives

Local County Returns: Monterey | Santa Cruz | San Benito

What you need to know to vote in California's Nov. 8 general election. Provided by CalMatters

Find in-depth information about what's on your ballot, enter you address below. The Voter's Edge guide includes descriptions of each California ballot measure and who is spending money for and against each measure.
Learn more about Voter's Edge here.

Note: Voter's Edge (the ballot guide developer) relies on voluntary participation by candidates. Efforts have been taken to contact candidates to encourage them to submit their information. There can be missing information where candidates have not taken part.

View the "Props in a Minute" video series from CalMatters below to learn what a "Yes" and "No" vote would mean for each of the state's propositions. You can click the next button on each video to see another proposition explainer.

Watch the 2022 California Gubernatorial Debate presented by KQED. Recorded October 23, 2022 with Democratic incumbent Gavin Newsom and the Republican challenger Brian Dahle.

State and Local Coverage
Find stories on state propositions, and KAZU's coverage of local races and ballot measures below.

  • Election Signs (3 of 3).jpg
    Doug McKnight
    90.3 KAZU
    Many parents in Monterey County struggle to find affordable childcare. The Measure Q ballot measure this election attempts to offer a solution, but not all are convinced.
  • Most of the California tribes who have weighed in on Proposition 27 are against it. They’re worried about language tucked away in the measure that could potentially undermine tribal sovereignty. But at least one tribal chair says it's a way to support financially disadvantaged tribes that don't own big casinos.
  • West Cliff Homes
    Jerimiah Oetting
    KAZU News
    The measure would levy a tax of $6,000 per year on a vacant home in a building with six or fewer units. The tax drops to $3,000 per year on apartments and townhomes in larger buildings.
  • Two candidates with different backgrounds are in the running for Monterey County sheriff. Tina Nieto is the police chief for the city of Marina. She's running against Joe Moses.
  • Two candidates with different backgrounds are in the running for Monterey County sheriff. Joe Moses has worked in the department for three decades. His opponent, Tina Nieto, is the Marina chief of police. KAZU News interviewed both candidates ahead of the election.
  • Electric cars charging
    onurdongel/Getty Images
    Californians will vote on Proposition 30 in November. If passed, it will raise the income tax on Californians who make more than $2 million by 1.75% each year to pay for electric-vehicle incentives and wildfire prevention programs. But the measure has split Gov. Gavin Newsom from the rest of his party.
  • RS59090_Richmond_Orchestra_004-qut-1020x681.jpg
    Marlena Sloss/KQED
    California education law calls for all public schools to offer comprehensive arts education, but in reality, very few of them do. This November, voters will decide on Proposition 28: whether or not to guarantee arts funding in public schools, including charters.
  • RS56846_046_KQED_AbortionRightsRallySF_06242022-qut-1020x680.jpg
    Beth LaBerge
    Californians will vote on the amendment in the form of Proposition 1 come November, but as the election approaches, lawmakers still do not agree whether the measure would merely enshrine abortion rights as they are currently articulated in state law, which allows abortion up to 24 weeks, or whether it would expand abortion rights, so as to permit abortions at any point in pregnancy, for any reason.