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A Pro-Am Poster Of A Hail Storm To Remember

AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am
Artist Lee Wybranski was chosen to create this year's Pebble Beach Pro-Am poster.

The Pebble Beach Pro-Am is in full swing. The charity tournament sponsored by AT&T has been going on since the 1930s.  There’s always a few key elements: great golf, celebrities, unpredictable weather, and an iconic poster.

There’s never been a Pebble Beach Pro-Am without an event poster. They paint the picture, literally, of the most iconic scene from the previous year’s tournament. 

This year, artist Lee Wybranski has captured a hard-to-forget moment from 2019 - the hail storm. 

“The way that I created the illusion of hail in this artwork was by spattering this masking fluid in a very messy manner all over the entire drawing,” said Wybranski.

Drops of white masking fluid carpet the poster, which shows a golfer and his caddy hunched under an umbrella.

Greens, blues and purples have been used to bring the golf course, its surrounding trees, and the gloomy weather to life. 

Credit Lee Wybranski
Artist Lee Wybranski painting at the Chamber Bay for the 2015 U.S Open.

“I worked up a color palette. It still had a little bit of mood to it, but was a lot brighter than what you would have actually seen that day,” said Wybranski.

Five-hundred copies of the poster have been created. They’ll be given to the players and available for purchase at the pro shop. 

Steve John, CEO and tournament director of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, remembers last year’s hail storm very well. 

“The poster's actually of… it’s a photo taken of Ray Romano and Ray’s playing the sixth hole at Pebble Beach. And it's about the time that this storm was at its worst,” said John.

Wybranski will be looking for some fresh inspiration this year. He’ll be painting at hole six this weekend.

From 2019 to 2021 Michelle Loxton worked at KAZU as an All Things Considered host and reporter. During that time she reported on a variety of topics from the coronavirus pandemic, the opioid epidemic and local elections. Loxton was part of the news team that won a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for the continued coverage of the four major wildfires that engulfed California’s Central Coast in 2020.
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