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Suspects Charged in U.K. Bombing Plot


British authorities are releasing more information about an alleged plot to bomb transatlantic flights. Eleven of the suspects have been charged, and NPR's Guy Raz is covering this story in London. Guy, what are the suspects charged with?

GUY RAZ reporting:

Well, Steve, it's been 10 days now since the British police arrested these suspects. About two dozen were originally arrested, and there's essentially been a news blackout since that time. Now we understand 11 people have been charged. Eight of them have been charged with two counts, each with one count of conspiracy to murder, and another count of conspiracy to prepare acts of terrorism.

Three others have been charged under Britain's 2000 Terrorism Act. That includes a 17-year-old boy essentially charged with possession of terror-related articles, according to police, and failing to inform police of the alleged plot.

INSKEEP: When you talk about terror-related articles, very briefly, what evidence has come out against these men?

RAZ: Well, we know very specifically that police have found bomb-making equipment, hydrogen peroxide, bomb-making documents on how to make bombs, and martyrdom videos as well. Police are saying the scale of the investigation is immense, and they expect more charges to be filed against 11 others who are still in custody.

INSKEEP: Okay, guy. Thanks very much. That's NPR's Guy Raz in London covering one developing story this morning. Here's another. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.