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Independent Barbara Honegger Talks Run for Congress and "911 Truth" in In-depth Interview

Independent candidate Barbara Honegger is making her second run at the California Congressional District 20 Seat.
Lewis Leader's complete interview with 20th District Congressional Candidate Barbara Honegger.

Independent Barbara Honegger is one of five candidates running to replace retiring Congressman Sam Farr.  During the Reagan Bush Administration, Honegger worked in the Justice Department on a project to eliminate sexual discrimination from federal and state laws.  She later resigned calling the President’s commitment to the effort a sham. 

Honegger is also active in the 911 Truth movement.  Journalist Lewis Leader interviewed her about her run for Congress and how her beliefs about September 11th  play a role.

Lewis Leader (LL): First question, why are you running for Congress?

Barbara Honegger (BH):  I’m running for Congress because I honestly believe I am the most qualified candidate for this position in this race.   I’m the only candidate for Congress who actually ran back in 1993 the last time this seat was open. I have very, very high level experience in Washington DC and a track record of fighting for the American people for literally truth, justice and the American way, literally from the inside of the Reagan Bush Senior White House and Department of Justice where I exposed a truly unconscionable plan to weaken the enforcement of all 56 of our federal civil rights statutes including the famous Civil Rights Act of 1964.  And I did that.  I sacrificed my high level salary in the White House and the Department of Justice to warn the American people about that and prevented the plan from moving forward. So I’m running again because I’m serious about representing the people of this Congressional District and I’m looking forward to being in Congress so that the American people can hear the truth on the floor of the Congress. 

LL: Tell us what your belief is. What really happened on 911?

BH: Well it’s not my belief, it’s my knowledge.

LL: Okay.

BH: It’s my knowledge based on forensic facts.  The big picture first and then we can get down to a few of the really critical details that prove the big picture. The big picture is our federal government has grotesquely lied to the American people about what happened on 911.  How do we know that?  We know that because it is absolutely a proven fact with the forensic evidence that the plane impacts and fires therefrom in the Twin Towers in New York City simply did not bring down those buildings.  We know for a fact of this because three separate official seismic records show there were massive deep basement explosions in both World Trade Centers One and Two. In the case of World Trade Center One, 14 seconds before any plane hit anywhere way up above.   And in World Trade Center Two, 17 seconds before.  So whoever pre-planted the explosives had to be in control of the planes because once the explosives went off the planes had to hit the buildings as the pre-text and cover story for why they came down.

What the truth about 911 has to do with the run for Congress and legitimizing the forensic facts about 911 has to do with the run for Congress is once the American people understand and are convinced in mass, and that’s our goal, that the 911 attacks were not an outside terrorist attack.  They were not.  Once they understand that, they will understand that everything that has been justified as a pretext for rolling out the global domination agenda, basically making us into a global empire. Unilateral, illegal under international law, aggressive attacks of foreign nations and occupations and the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and a minimum of a tripling of our Defense Department, taking away from all our domestic side of our federal budget and were hurting from that now.  That all stems from the official lie of who attacked America on 911.

LL: Let me talk about some other issues that have come up in this race, the question of immigration.  Donald Trump basically has said he wants to round up 11 or 12-million of so-called illegal immigrants. What’s your take on that?

BH: Oh that’s reprehensible. I think we should build this huge wall around Donald Trump.  Seriously, this man is dangerous. Of course I don’t support that. I support comprehensive immigration reform with a guaranteed path to citizenship for all law abiding illegal immigrants who are in this country today. And let’s be honest, that will never happen with the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives.  I beg people. No matter who the individual candidate is, please don’t vote for any Republican in this election.  Please vote for an Independent.  It’s your best hope to actually break things open in Washington DC and to save our country. 

Barabara Honegger is running for the open seat in California Congressional District 20, which represents the Central Coast.  She has no party preference.  Also running are Republican Casey Lucius (interview link below), Democrat Jimmy Panetta (interview link below), Peace and Freedom Candidate Joe Williams (interview link below), and independent Jack Digby (interview scheduled).

About the Interviewer: Lewis Leader is a journalist who was a longtime newspaper reporter and editor for 27 years with various publications including the Monterey Herald, San Francisco Examiner, Toledo Blade and Los Angeles Times.

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