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Independent Ron Kabat Runs For Congress In California's 20th District

courtesy Ron Kabat
Ron Kabat is an Independent for Congress in California's 20th Congressional District.

Ron Kabat is not a newcomer to politics.  This is the third time he has run for the Congressional seat that represents the Monterey Bay area.  This time he’s running against incumbent Democrat Jimmy Panetta. Kabat is a CPA who lives in Carmel and first came to the region while serving on Fort Ord.

Doug McKnight (DM): What made you decide to run for Congress?

Ron Kabat (RK): Well I talked with a lot of individuals who were concerned about the sanctuary status that the state has created for us. The politicians voted it in, not the voters. So, the individuals that I talked to said that they were whenever they talked about sanctuary status and that they were for it, they were shamed by the individuals they talked to, so rather than break up a friendship. They just went silent, but they really want somebody to represent them.

DM: So you're running as an Independent. Why?

RK: Yes I've been an Independent since 1980 when we moved here.

DM: What will you if elected would you caucus with one of the parties. And if so which one?

RK: It would be dependent upon who wins the election. And I would caucus either with the Republicans or the Democrats dependent upon what the situation is. But that doesn't mean that I wouldn't cross party lines for my vote. That I would do. And I was also brought up the question about impeachment if I, would vote for impeachment? And I did reply to that individual and I told them that I would vote for impeachment if it's warranted. If the proof is sufficient. But the issue is I will vote for impeachment for any president, if it was called for.

DM: What do you think are the top issues in the 20th Congressional District?

RK: Well I think aside from the sanctuary status and immigration issues, we do have the issue of Social Security. The retirement fund has basically going to go insolvent in 15 years. So, 15 years is going to pass us by so quickly it will make your head spin.   

This issue has been kicked down the road for as long as I can recall.  There are recommendations that I made in 2014 when I ran for Congress to help the Social Security System.  And, I would work with Congress to see what the latest proposals are to and add the old ones that I had to see if we can do something to basically help anybody who's getting some sort of assistance from social security.

DM: This district is heavily Democratic in terms of voter registration. In order to win, obviously, you'd have to reach out to Democrats. How would you do that?

RK: Well actually what happens is this district is very heavy in conservatives that are like me. They're Independents as well as Republicans and there are there are many Democrats who talk to me about the sanctuary city status. So,  these individuals band together they can beat the status quo in this district. It's just that there's a tremendous number of people who do not vote. If those people come out and vote, and vote with their hearts then we can win. We can beat the status quo, and if we can beat the status quo then basically I want to go to Washington and kick some butt. Both sides.

DM: We're going to go to what I like to call the lightning round. I'm going to give you some policies and please tell me whether you're in favor of them opposed to them have no position on them. Balanced Federal Budget.

RK: I believe we have to move into that. We've we spent ourselves into a ridiculous place at this point. Yes.

DM: Restricting the use of fossil fuels to combat climate change?

RK: Climate is forever changing. There is no doubt about that. But whether the accelerations that are projected on the computer models that are out right now are very difficult for me to believe.

DM: Building a wall on the southern border?

RK: Building a wall on the southern border should work. That wall could be concrete, it could be electronic, it could be manned.

Doug joined KAZU in 2004 as Development Director overseeing fundraising and grants. He was promoted to General Manager in 2009 and is currently retired and working part time in membership fundraising and news reporting at KAZU.