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How We Survive: Adapting to Climate Change 

Broadcast: Dec. 13, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Climate change is here. We hear about it more than ever. And experts say we need to adapt—but what does that actually look like?

This one-hour special from Marketplace, led by Molly Wood, explores the role of technology in helping humanity weather the impacts of climate change. The time of complete prevention has passed, and we must turn towards adaptation.This special will focus on how practical, tangible tools can help solve this crisis—and the pandemic’s impact on how quickly that technology can be deployed. In this solutions-based reporting, Wood and team speak with tech leaders about the climate crisis and what innovations can help us adapt to an already changing climate, with efforts to curb emissions still years away.

Interviews include Microsoft’s chief environmental officer, the founder of a startup financing energy upgrades on buildings across the country, and a Navajo Nation leader about increasing access to clean water. They also visit a house in the Bay Area designed from the ground up to be fire resistant.