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KAZU Sunday Sound Adventures
Sundays, 4-5 p.m.

One hour every Sunday at 4 p.m. on KAZU, we take our listeners on a Sound Adventure, whether it be a musical documentary, historical / scientific journey, or just something current that we hope our listeners will enjoy. 

Current and recent programs, see below.
For older programs, see archives page.

(KAZU reserves this time slot for public radio documentaries and seasonal programs.)

Latest Episodes
  • As we emerge from isolation and pandemic, we find ourselves in many ways, a nation divided. This self contained hour of documentary-style features takes a dive into issues that divide us and efforts to pull together.
  • Music from Stevie Wonder's first 15 years in the music business is sampled with commentary woven in from music educators Birgitta Johnson and Alisha Lola Jones, NPR Music's Ann Powers, Rolling Stone Magazine's Anthony DeCurtis, music critic Holly Gleason, and music journalist Mark Kemp.
  • From early spirituals to gospel to blues to jazz, singing as an expression of deep emotion evolved, with the various strains blending into each other.
  • Artists such as Dakota Staton, Louis Jordan, O.C. Smith, Oscar Brown Jr., and Jon Hendricks let the good times roll.
  • Over the years the blues has influenced countless jazz vocalists. In the program, Big Joe Turner, Joe Williams, Lou Rawls, Billie Holiday, Etta Jones, Laverne Butler and others talk about and demonstrate jazz singing steeped in the blues.
  • Science tells us mountains are giant piles of rock, formed millions of years ago. But that's not all they are. This hour, we'll remember a time when mountains were gods.
  • If plants are intelligent beings, how should we relate to them? Do they have a place in our moral universe? Should they have rights?
  • Exchanging glances with the natural world happens more often than you’d think. It can be so profound, there’s a name for it: An eye-to-eye epiphany.
  • Who are our mothers and how have they shaped our lives? This Mother's Day we hear 10 people from around the world talk about their mothers -- the good, the bad, and the messy -- and who they are because of their mothers.
  • Finding Endurance, the ship that took Ernest Shackleton to the Antarctic, that was slowly crushed and sank.