Central Coast Veterans Cemetery

Doug McKnight

Since the day it opened last year, the Central Coast Veterans Cemetery has been a cemetery that lacked in-ground burials.  Right now, it only has space for cremated remains.  But that will change with a new infusion of funds. 

Doug McKnight

The new veteran’s cemetery on the former Fort Ord just opened Tuesday and has already added additional staff to handle a flood of burial inquiries. With nearly 2000 applications approved, the Central Coast Veteran’s Cemetery is performing five services a day.

Doug McKnight


Land where soldiers once trained for war is now a final resting place for those who served. The Central Coast Veterans Cemetery on the former Fort Ord opened Tuesday with a dedication ceremony.   

Krista Almanzan

Judith Quinones lays out pictures of her late husband Abel on an ottoman in the living room of her assisted living community.

“This is my favorite one of Abel.  He looks nice.   I just love it,” says Quinones holding a photo of a younger Abel.  It was taken before he rose to the rank of Master Chief in the Navy where he served around the world including in Vietnam.