Monterey County Office of Education

Monterey County Office of Education


Around 78,000 Monterey County students are no longer in school. At least not physically in school, but rather learning virtually or from a distance. COVID-19 has forced educators, parents and students to convert their homes into classrooms. And for some children with special needs, this new challenge has also created a unique opportunity.




Michelle Loxton

UPDATED 2/4/20 10:00AM: The deadline to submit an application for the Veterans Diploma Project has been extended. Applicants have until Friday, March 27, 2020. The graduation ceremony is planned for April 2020.

For some veterans, the chance to finish high school is interrupted by military service. Now, an initiative by the Monterey County Office of Education aims to give some older veterans something they missed out on -- recognition and a diploma.

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California public schools are working to comply with a new law that requires them to teach students about human trafficking. The Human Trafficking Prevention Education and Training Act (AB 1227) went into effect last year.

Helping Farmworker Families Who Chase the Harvest

Dec 17, 2015
Monterey County Office of Education

Most of the region’s migrant workers have packed up for the season – heading a way from winter cold and wet to places were the growing season continues.

While chasing the harvests is part of the life of migrant farmworkers, it’s a disruptive slice of life for workers’ children and their education.