Monterey Peninsula Water Management District

Doug McKnight

The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District held a public hearing Tuesday evening on the feasibility of taking control of the region's main water system.

Brandt Bates


A newly released study finds a public takeover of California American Water’s local system is feasible. Voters ordered this study with the approval of a local ballot measure, Measure J, one year ago.

Erika Mahoney


The stormy start to the year has downed trees, caused flooding and power outages. But the rainfall has benefits. Excess water from the Carmel River is being stored for later use.

Krista Almanzan

Monterey Peninsula voters want a public takeover of their private water system, if it’s feasible.  When they passed Measure J, they asked the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District to figure that out.  

Krista Almanzan

The Monterey Peninsula has always had a private water supplier.  California American Water (Cal Am) took control of the system in the 1960s. Now, voters will decide whether they want a public takeover.

Krista Almanzan

Californians are used to the idea of recycling cans, bottles and paper. But the idea of recycling water is a little hard for some to swallow. In fact, the process is sometimes dubbed “toilet to tap.”

That’s a phrase the people at Pure Water Monterey quickly dismiss when talking about the new advanced water purification facility being built in Marina.